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Personal Information

I was born in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada on February 12, 1976. I still live in Edmonton, along with my wife (Angela), my daughter (Jayden), and my two cats (Tika and Noodle).

I own my own consulting company (Danen Consulting Services), and have been doing Linux consulting since 2000. I also work for Mandrakesoft in my spare time (ha!). Mandrakesoft is the creators of Mandrakelinux, a user-friendly Linux distribution from France. Although I have worked for Mandrakesoft since 2000, I have never set foot in Paris, and have met only a handful of my co-workers on a trip to Montreal in 2002. My primary responsibility working for Mandrakesoft is dealing with security updates; I build, test, and release all of the security updates for Mandrakelinux. I also maintain the errata pages and the Mandrakelinux Anthill database for post-release bug reports. For my consulting company, I primarily do Linux server maintenance and configuration, as well as security audits. I also do the odd web design and PHP-based web projects. I also provide some domain hosting services. In mid-2003 I began thinking about secure Linux server solutions, and in late 2003 I began work on Annvix (then called OpenSLS) which is an easy-to-use yet secure Linux server distribution. It's taken quite a long time to get anywhere with Annvix due to the fact that I'm working more than fulltime for Mandrakesoft, and what little spare time I have needs to split between my family, Annvix, and the regular chores of life (like weeding.. yuck).

My primary, non-computer, interests are reading fantasy novels by authors such as R.A. Salvatore, Terry Goodkind, L.E. Modesit, Jr., and others. I enjoy listening to music and have a fairly extensive music collection of various types of music. My favourite music is metal; there are so many sub-genres of metal music that it's hard to pinpoint exactly which sub-genre would be my favourite. I enjoy bands such as Nightwish, Opeth, Primal Fear, Soulfly, and Theatre of Tragedy. I think, if I had to pin-point my favourite music, I'd have to say black metal. Unfortunately, I dislike the lyrical content of a number of these bands (I used to listen to bands such as Cradle of Filth and Dimmu Borgir until I was convicted). Fortunately, I've discovered a number of Christian bands that fill this niche; bands such as The Agony Scene, Living Sacrifice, Soul Embraced, and Demon Hunter.

On the philosophical/religious side, I am Christian and attend Bethesda Christian Fellowship; a pentecostal church in Edmonton. I was raised in a traditional Christian Reformed church; unfortunately I found it to be quite dull. Bethesda, at least, is a lively and active church... much more suited to my personality.

I used to spend a lot of time as a teenager writing fantasy poetry, short stories, and even wrote 2.5 books of a fantasy trilogy. Unfortunately, I have not done any writing other than technical writing in years... hopefully one day I can remedy this. For kicks, I may put up the manuscripts for those 2.5 books and some of my short stories on the website; then again, I may not as the writing style is fairly immature (although I think the ideas were good).

In terms of computing, most of time is spent working for Mandrakesoft... the number of security vulnerabilities being discovered (and the rate of discovery) keeps me quite busy. This is one reason I've decided to start Annvix, to create a secure Linux distribution that is proactive in terms of security, rather than reactive, like most distributions these days.

Although I work for a Linux company and do most of my consulting on the Linux OS, I prefer to use Mac OS X for my desktops. I love Linux as a server OS, but I find OS X to suite my particular needs better (I also love eye candy). To that end, I use a 15" G4 1GHz titanium powerbook for my mobile computing and use a dual G5 1.8GHz with two 21" Apple Cinema Displays for my office (that is one killer machine!). All of my servers, however, run either Annvix or Mandrakesoft's Corporate Server 2.1.

In terms of personal style, I'm a skin-art fan. I have seven tattoos, a number of earrings, and my nose and left nipple are both pierced. I also shave my head (I find hair, even very short hair, to be entirely annoying and I think I look better bald). I wear biker boots and leather jackets. Unfortunately, the look is incomplete... I still need to get a good hog to compliment everything else. I also have a lot of unmarked skin left, so more tattoos are planned.

I've also been playing around with Apple's GarageBand app in some of my spare time (when I don't feel like playing Morrowind, EverQuest, or UT2004). Some of my creations are here as well... be gentle, they're not meant to be professional or anything, just me messing around with an extremely cool program.