Edmonton OS X Users

Here I am, scratching my own itch again…

Edmonton has a great¬†Edmonton Linux User’s Group, but we’re a little lacking in the Macintosh area. This is unfortunate, because these days Linux and the Mac have a lot in common, particularly when it comes to OS X and it’s BSD heritage.

I’m not interested in leading or creating an Edmonton Mac User’s Group; I believe that has been done before. I am, however, interested in something akin to the ELUG mailing list, where people can discuss Macs, OS X, and other Mac-related topics with other individuals in Edmonton. To that end, I’ve started the Edmonton OS X Users Mailing List (or “emacx” for short).

I’m sure there are other Edmontonians who would like to discuss Apple and OS X with their peers in the same city, rather than being stuck with others on various web forums (not that there is anything wrong with that). The purpose of emacx is to encourage communication between Edmontonians who share an interest in the Mac and OS X. If you’re so inclined, feel free to subscribe to the mailing list.

There are no restrictions to how proficient you are with OS X; this mailing list welcomes veterans and newcomers alike because each have something to offer, and it’s a place where people can learn from each other.